Within the last 4 or 5 years, the western world experienced two major disruptions. One was a non politician businessman Republican named Donal J Trump becoming president of America and the other was a Chinese Virus they named Covid-19.

Of course the opposition to this new non politician was going to be active like all oppositions are however it went over every boundary set by previous parties. The hate and venom shown by many members of the Congress and Senate towards not only Donald J Trump, but to anyone who voted or even liked him.

The other disruption is the virus that has taken hold of the world. Some say it came out of China, some say it was done on purpose to get rid of Trump or even worse, to over time, kill millions of humans until the world until the population is 1/5th what it is today.

It has for the first time since the Civil War, torn families apart. It has become so toxic that you have to think twice whether you can tell your best friend your honest feelings. Lifetime friendships have been ruined over something as ridiculous as who you vote for or what you think about a certain party.

This time in the Western world is very different, because technology has become so much a part of our daily lives.For many of the billions of people on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube et al, it is a way to start and end pseudo friendships and to express their inner most feelings anonymously without fear of reprisal.That's where the wheels fall off the cart. These inner most feelings aggressively collide with someone elses feelings and so begins a war of destructive words that penetrate right into the heart and soul of the recipient.

This has never happened like this before, Because everyone on the planet is a separate individual, each one of us has our own own ideas, love and hates. It is entirely normal, however since the internet, we are able to talk louder and further afield than ever before touching people we would have never been in contact with if it wasn't for that router and the wires leading from it.

These wars of words between individuals is one thing, however it has been magnified and taken advantage of, by those who have their own narrative they think everyone else should subscribe to. These are individuals who own, or work for those companies who are able to spread their message around the world. These are the media companies, television, newspaper, magazines, Social tech giants and the like.

These individuals use their power in these companies to coerce others working with them , to spread their message whether it be true or false. If someone doesn't agree or disputes the message they are quickly discredited and if possible cancelled from their job or whatever they are doing.

In the early indigenous tribes who have existed around the world, to the previous mighty civilizations such as the Greeks, The Romans, The Spanish, The English, the Indians, The Chinese and others, the basic of their culture revolved around telling the truth. Occasionally there were some who had short bursts of fame and success because they were opposed to this basic tenant, however they were always defeated by the truth which eventually rises to the top because the majority live by the truth

Today is different, because a great percentage of the previous truth tellers who have always had faith in the media have been told a narrative for so long, by so many celebrities, talking heads and politicians in some many areas, they actually believe the narrative to be the truth.

Why shouldn't they believe it? The media have always told us the truth haven't they?. Why would they lie to us?  Why would these doctors and big companies lie to us? What is in it for them?

Well this is why we have this website.
To present the narrative we are supposed to believe according to the governments and media, and to present the views of many who dispute their claims.

These are people who believe so strongly in their opposing views, they have lost their jobs or could at any time and who are putting their life long reputations on the line. Although they are being slandered, fined, tormented and cancelled, they continue to dispute the narrative.

Do these people have the right to present their views? According to every religion and every culture, of course they have, however it has become so toxic, many are afraid to speak out and defend themselves.

This is how the Germans fell into the lap of the Nazi Party and how Communism controls. Little by little they do it so you don't notice. Then, 'Believe what we tell you, or else'!.

We hope you are able to gain some knowledge from this website which will help you decide whether what you are told every day, is true or false.

If it is false, then why?

For those who love real
democracy and freedom, it is scary.