Author Topic: A friend who took the Astra jab then immediately had horrific problems.  (Read 545 times)


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My friend was very healthy. I was with him 5 weeks before this event.  I called him to arrange coffee and he said that just after I saw him his doctor suggested he had the Astra vaccine and from that next day he has not been able to sleep laying down, was in unbelievable pain, his lungs were full, his liver and kidneys were failing and he had an appointment with a cardiologist about his heart.
He said don't take the jab it is poison.  I wasn't going to and had told him not to but he believed the doctor. not me.

Next time I spoke he had been to the cardio who said his heart had enlarged and would maybe need surgery. He had another appointment with him.

2 week later he said he had the 2nd Astra vaccine and I asked why and he said the doctor said it would be safe. He said he now needed open heart surgery to replace a valve in his heart and was waiting for the surgery date.

They did the surgery but then he also needed a pacemaker so they booked him in to do that.  He died on the operating table.

I put it down to murder.

What say you?