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Lists of businesses who do not discriminate between 1,2, or no vax. Please support them and if you are a business who does not discriminate, then add your name to the register too.

Australian Education United

This group is in full support of Teachers, those in Education positions, staff, Parents & Students and children against Mandated C-19 Vaccines. We believe in a safe space to network with other each and to build this community strong as ONE VOICE! It’s time we take a stand and let the Government know this is not okay and we will not be pushed into losing our jobs or livelihood or lives over! See less

Amazing Ivermectin now in Indonesia

Amazing Ivermectin .
Indonesia like India gets incredible results. Why does Australia ban it? Something is corrupt in Australia.Look at these official results, like in India.

Australian Human Rights Commission

Australian Human Rights Commission and Covid.
Official Website with your rights.

Children's Health Defense

Very good website about Covid, Vaccines, children's health and pregnancy.
Also the latest CDC Vaccine deaths and Injury Data.
Robert F Kennedy Jr. is the founder.

People for Safe Vaccines

We are a growing number of people and associations from the health and law enforcement sectors and the wider community, namely doctors, nurses, lawyers, police, vaccine-injured and ordinary people with a sincere interest in these issues.In Australia, the federal government has granted fast-tracked approval to four drug companies to develop their experimental vaccines, which allow them to defer many steps key to ensuring vaccine safety and efficacy. Numerous medical experts are warning about unorthodox and biased trials, unreleased results data, unknown long-term effects, and the distinct possibility of death and serious injury from these new vaccines, in their current stage of development.


Dr Michael Yeadon
Ex Pfizer Scientist and Vice President.

This is very scary but he has incredible credability and you should listen to him. At this site there are a few of his interviews. Please watch and decide.

Dr Andrew Wakefield

in this video Dr. Andrew Wakefield clearly explains how vaccination actually destroys natural herd immunity, and thereby puts more people at risk!

Nurse who took Covid Anti Vaxx
Originally on Instagram but like all similar stoties they have deleted it. Why?.

A vary sad but true story. Look at her, look what it has done, There are thousands like here with other real problesm.
This registered nurse from Nashville, Tennessee just took the #Covid vacc💉ne and THIS WAS THE RESULT. "This vacc💉nat💉on is the worst thing ever. I would not give this to ANYBODY!" This is only the beginning.. Minister Farrakhan warned us not to take this.

Dr Peter McCullough

More Adverse Side Effects From The Covid Vax Than All Other Vaccines Combined.  As a medical professional, I cannot emphasize enough all that Sidney said in her statements. Legally and by medical ethics, a person cannot be given any treatment without INFORMED CONSENT! That includes any side effects as well as the right to know any contradictions indicated for that INDIVIDUAL. To do anything differently, VIOLATES THE NUREMBERG CODE.

Stanford Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

US COVID Response Single Biggest Public Health Mistake in History.
It violates the Nuremberg Code and federal and state laws that forbid turning people into guinea pigs against their will (which doesn't require outright force; it can be done by lying to them, pressuring them, denying them normal life if they don't comply

The Last American Vagabond

Dr. Hodkinson Interviews
COVID-19 Vaccines,
Infertility & Spike Protein Dangers